For aircraft rental information or checkouts, call Charlie Hermes at 701-640-4429, or Mike Pierce at 701-866-0350.

Valley Aircraft Services offers aircraft rental based at our home base in Manvel, ND (FAA ID: 8ND4).  We generally require our renters to hold a Commercial Pilot Certificate, or Private Pilot with 250 total flight hours.  This is due to the unique layout of our airport.  Renters with less than these minimums may be approved on a case by case basis.  Call for details.

Rental Rate:  Cessna 172N (N2087E, 160 hp)  $ 129 per Hobbs hour wet during summer months (May - September), $ 119 per Hobbs hour wet during winter months (October - April).  The aircraft has a Garmin GTN 650 touch screen WAAS GPS NAV/COM, and a traditional NAV/COM.  Cruises approximately 110+ KTAS.

All renters are required to conduct an aircraft checkout with a Valley Aircraft Services CFI at least once every twelve months.  This is generally one hour for the Cessna 172.  However, this is based on a current and proficient pilot - and may take longer depending on the experience and proficiency of the pilot.


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