Valley Aircraft Services, LLC

For Discovery Flights, Instruction, or Rental, call Charlie Hermes at (701) 640-4429, or Mike Pierce at (701) 866-0350.

Valley Aircraft Services, LLC, offers flight training ​​in our Cessna 172N.  We offer discovery flights for only $ 99 in the Cessna 172.  You will spend time with a FAA Certified Flight Instructor exploring the aircraft, discussing the operation, and then take to the skies to discover the joy of aviation!  Most discovery flights are approximately 20-30 minutes of flying, followed by a debrief with your Flight Instructor.  

We also offer FAA Private Pilot training.  This requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight experience, plus ground training and examinations.  Find the freedom aviation can give you with a Private Pilot's license.  Fly for business or pleasure, on your watch, to your destination airport of choice.  Don't limit yourself to where airlines or cars go - take to the skies and create your own destination on your time!  Call or e-mail to find out how today!

Ready to step up into an instrument rating?  All of our aircraft are IFR equipped and current for IFR flight.  

We can also help you in your own aircraft at your location.  Need some refresher training?  Currency flights?  A little help with the winds today?  Call us today - we're happy to help!  We do require to be named on your insurance policy as "Additional Insured," and issued a Waiver of Subrogation. This should be issued to you free of charge - simply contact your broker or agent.    

Flight Instructor Rates:  $ 49 per hour in VAS Aircraft; $ 69 per hour in customer aircraft + IRS mileage